Home Repair & Home Renovations

Property Services Repairs and Renovations

Does the thought of home repair or home renovations make your head spin? Or now that you’ve decided it’s finally time to replace your peach ceramic tile you realize your walls need to be painted first – so what do you do?  If now is the right time to create the Florida home of your dreams, but you are often out of the area or you don’t have relationships with reliable local contractors, or you just don’t want to tackle the job on your own, call PSG. Let them manage every phase of your home repair, home remodeling and home renovation projects.

Help Is Just A Click Away

From custom closet design and installations, floor, appliance, systems, door and window replacements, to full kitchen remodeling, bath remodeling or landscape re-design,  no job is too big or too small. PSG will help you select the right licensed contractor or vendor from their extensive network of proven professionals, then oversee your home improvement project every step of the way. From navigating through the complexities of the permitting process to the final walk-through, PSG makes sure your job comes in on time, in budget and in sync with your expectations.

Consider the benefits of a more eco-friendly and energy efficient home and take advantage of the generous tax benefits now available to homeowners who decrease their energy consumption.  Consider replacing your old Florida windows and doors with high-impact products that withstand forceful tropical winds. Don’t wait –  make your home more comfortable for your family and friends and reap the benefits of increased home value and marketability. Get a quote and get started today.


  • Minor Home Repairs
  • Interior and Exterior Painting
  • Floor Covering Replacement
  • Marble, Granite and Limestone Repair
  • Custom Closet Installation
  • Window, Door and Slider Replacements
  • Appliance Replacement
  • Storm Shutter Installation
  • Kitchen and Bath Renovations
  • Air Conditioning System Replacement
  • Energy Efficiency Upgrades
  • Oversight of Electricians, Plumbers, Contractors